Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cuckold sharing quietly


When so many men try to dominate a cuckolding session with coaching and directions, this man shows respect for his wife and the fact that it is her evening and he remains silent while her lover is fucking her. Should she look at her husband, what she will see is his appreciative stroking and we thought it was nice when, at one point, he holds her leg open wider for her.


  1. I actually enjoyed that one. As you said......a respectful and non-controlling cuckold. :)

    1. My sentiments and thoughts as well. DocFev on xHamster

    2. Yes ist so beautiful and sweet,him giving her love and support as she gets a good fucking.

  2. That is perfection in the cuckold lifestyle. A loving husband with smaller penis, that is there for her, and enjoying it himself as he watches a man with a larger, superior cock quite possibly breeding his wife. Or just ensuring she has some good sex while supporting her quietly and as said, respectful and non-controlling.