Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cuckolding for the first time

A wife's first time with another man can be quite a physical and emotional experience both for her and her husband. It is usually a raw experience with little artifice or games playing. The new experience of having sex with a new man while her husband watches can release a flood of sensation and usually there is no holding back. Very often, the first time is the best.


  1. An unforgettable experience. She enjoyed like crazy saying that: "I love you I love you I enjoy doing as never before. His cock is nice and big and beautiful long that I love you I love you. Kiss me kiss me I'm cumming". The first time was the best

  2. No. You never forget the first time. For us it was in front of a warm fire on a winter night. I watched my wife allow our friend to take her, and I watched her give herself over to him and the experience of sex with another man. You never forget the first time you watch your wife spread her legs for another man, seeing him push his hard cock into her, the expression on her face as he begins to thrust in and out of her, the intoxication as you watch... the mix of desire, arousal and fear... No, you never forget the first time, especially the first time you watch another man come in your wife

  3. Hi Caroline. Would love to know how I could turn my wife onto this. We discussed it but she feels is a world full of creepy guys trying to get off. I'm sure if she realised there's a mature and civilised attitude to it out there she might come around. It's become a bit of an issue as she thinks it's something based completely on porn. I disagree, I think the porn came after and that this is something that's been going on forever. I get pleasure from the fantasy but her less and less so. If it could be made seem more normal or natural she might try it, but am I wasting my time?

  4. Hi, windy2014, I think it would be difficult to persuade your wife to form relationships with men who are lovers/bulls in the lifestyle given her perception that cuckolding is a world full of creepy guys. However, the larger world is full of men not associated with the lifestyle that would love to have an adventure with a married woman and many of these are quite delectable. Maybe you should take her "window shopping" at an upscale bar or nightclub to see what the offerings are. Who knows, she might start to see things differently when she sees who is flirting with her.

    Cuckolding as been around for as long as there have been men and women. It has been written about in various forms but has always been an expression of a primal urge that exists in both men and women.

    1. thanks - i've done things like buy extra large dildos and black dildos in perhaps a vain attempt to make her think she might want a much bigger dick inside her. I think some of it might be the awkwardness of another person, and does it open a pandora's box and our relationship deteriorates because of it? - which maybe is fair enough. She enjoys being slutty, and I'm trying to bring this out in her. I sometimes tell her the fantasy, but it's becoming more like just my fantasy, and I have to respect that she might not feel the same. It's a shame because I would love to see someone make her scream with pleasure while it is muffled by the other huge cock in her mouth.

      I agree, craigslist and other swinger websites, by their nature make the guys sound and look bad, and introducing it that way is not possible. She browsed before on a site and wasn't really impressed.

      I was thinking of buying your book and leaving it there for her to read, but that might push her off the idea - or leaving open a video of cuckolding that I was watching 'by accident.'

      I've been reading your blog and finding as many forums as I can for advice, i guess I'll keep it subtle until a certain point in time.

      Would you be able to give any pros and cons of entering the lifestyle? I had been involved with swinging/bukkake and group sex before and really enjoyed it, but it seems like way more fun if you are the centre of that.

      Love your blog by the way!

  5. Leave the book on the night stand and a video that looks like a real couple instead of porn and see what conversation that provokes. :)