Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cuckolding quickie

Quickie sex can be fun but when it is done with a lover who stops by just to fuck the wife and be on his way, there is a special thrill to the act. There is no pretense of lovemaking and the sex is primal and carnal. The lover has a need to ejaculate in the wife and that is all there is to it. Though the act may last only a few minutes, the event will leave lasting thoughts and images for both husband and wife.


  1. Hi Caroline.

    I hope you are well.

    Having a cuckold marriage is almost like a management system for marriage based around fulfilling specific needs. It defies the traditional ideals of marriage that currently leave millions of couples unfulfilled, and focusses on the needs and wants of the married couple and others, that have been included to help fulfil those that are married. Only by deregulating marriage, we expect a healthy and fulfilling marital life.

    I have often said to, Emma, my wife that it takes a community to create a happy and healthy marriage. A couple can’t do it alone. Sadly though, so many try and fail.
    It would be quite flattering to know that other men find our marriage dependable enough to seek out my wife and fulfil such necessary drives.

    On the other hand, it would be also nice to know that Emma would be less dependent on her husband, me, to fulfil all her physical and emotional needs because there would be other men available to help…even if it were just a “cuckolding quickie” to keep everything in-check and prioritized maritally.

    Emma and I are in our mid-to-late thirties and have three children with the eldest being from Emma’s previous marriage. We don’t expect any further children. Our home life is stable and secure and it is only at this point in the recent year, that we have been considering opening up our marriage as a way to move us forwards.

    Emma enjoys the idea of swinging because it’s discreet and requires less commitment. However, I enjoy the idea of cuckolding more, especially if she would consider another man becoming involved with her romantic and physical life and us having to balance marriage, parenting and our household with the additional relationship. Although like me, she finds the cuckold situation extremely erotic, but she thinks that it wouldn’t be able to work in real life.

    The striking facet of the “Cuckolding Quickie” video that you posted is that the woman’s physique is almost identical to Emma’s…even down to the movement of her body and the angle of her bent legs during sex. It sounds strange but I also find it fascinating to see other men orgasm. I like to see their faces and the rigidness that overcomes their bodies. Seeing Emma in receiving one of these, is what propels me to accept swinging if anything.

    Thank you Caroline for giving us another video to open our minds.

    Take care Caroline.

    (And thanks for following me on Tumblr. I followed you back as well.)

    1. I love your articulate and enthusiastic assessment! xoxo

    2. Hi Caroline.

      Thank you.

      Do you have an article that talks about the advantages and disadvantages of this lifestyle from a woman's perspective?

      Or even an article on the growth that you have experienced personally and as a couple through this lifestyle?

      I'd like to share them with Emma.

      Thank you once again and take care.

    3. I do, it is all in my first book from how I learned about cuckolding and how I got started in the lifestyle to the many ways in which I have evolved as a woman:

    4. Thank you.

      I will invest in a copy asap and let you know.

      Take care.

  2. Can you imagine???!!! Pure raw sex... "Jesus" is right, it was so hot it even blew away the bull. That was incredible.

    1. Oh Caroline, it positively took my breath away... hottest fifty something seconds I've seen in a while. My wife would call that a "speed hump".

  3. I like to let my imagination run wild and think about the wife sitting on my face after a quickie. Excellent post! Thanks for sharing.