Sunday, June 29, 2014

Getting the wife to cuckold you

This is a fun video wherein a husband tracks the conversion of his wife to a hotwife. Does it sound familiar?


  1. Films like this compress time don't they. But it takes a lot of time for many women to adopt the lifestyle. I took a year for me to move from flirting with my husband's friend Aaron to fucking with him. Three months beyond I believed Aaron when he said my husband would accept this. After that, things quickened. Aaron was dominant, Mark capitulated and we started a new exciting and unequal threesome. Kim

  2. I'm very political about this Kim, as a woman. I like sex and I like physical men and I do see social conventions as dead restrictive. But it is taking an age to help my husband Gareth accept that its time for me to fuck around. He is masculine to a degree, but he knows that there are degrees of performance, ability and skill. I tell him that sex is no different. Some guys are better designed for fucking. I remind him that there are different degrees of sex drive too and i have a bigger one than he does. Samantha