Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cuckolding just never gets old

Cuckolding just never gets old and it is always an extreme turn-on when a couple engages in sex with their bull or lover.


  1. The four or so minutes of fellatio at the start of this clip bring it all back to me. When I was cuckolding Henry it was always the oral I gave my lover Viv that put him in his place. I had never performed oral on my husband, never wanted to on him, but Viv had such a handsome cock. What made it worse for Henry was that I tasted of Viv every time my husband kissed me. I was very owned! Kirsty

  2. It's interesting, Jenny started off talking about Guy as her bull, a sex machine. But after a couple of years now cucking me she always refers to him as her lover. She sees this in French terms I think, when it is fashionable for a married woman to take a lover and for the husband to be accommodating if not enthusiastic about it. My lovely wife shows no signs of wanting to leave me, but does she relieved that i accept now her sex life is exclusively with Guy. Adrian