Monday, July 7, 2014

Cuckolding with a friend

Some friendships grow out of cuckolding and other friendships grow into cuckolding. Whether the other man was a friend and became a lover or he began as a lover and became a friend, the possibility of making a life-long connection is always present.


  1. Que morboso buen blog, te invito a visitar el mio

  2. I think that there are some practical problems with would be cuck's teaching their wives to become cuckoldresses. For one thing their urgent suggestions seem exactly that, urgent! This evokes disgust rather than arousal.Risky as it seems then it may be better for a girl to sense the husband's submissive nature, his habitual low esteem and then to start sleeping with one of his more dominant friends. For a start she gets decent sex, and that is such a need for some girls! She can then gently let husband into the secret that he has been cucked, and she will allow him to learn and accede to the situation if he is bold enough. She is the teacher not him. She leads her way and at her pace. Of course she has to judge her husband right first, but many exhibit quite explicit submissive nature to their wives. They are almost begging to be cucked. What i think anyway. Florence

  3. I agree Florence. Once upon a time a guy would flip if his wife fucked elsewhere, but today men are more realistic. If she is sexy then she is going to get a lot of cock, especially if he hasn't been performing. We don't count these things do we, but i imagine that married women these days are scoring more than their husbands. Its inevitable as we are built to tease. Willow