Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cuckold sharing his wife

There is no pleasure like that of a cuckold sharing his wife and witnessing the sights and sounds of the encounter. Knowing how the other man must feel thrusting into his wife and hearing her express sexual ecstasy that may be unfamiliar is the sublime experience that words cannot explain.


  1. For me, the defining moment in a truly exciting cuckold experience is not the foreplay, like the kissing, her sucking him, it's after he licks her pussy to a squirting orgasm, and he rises up to mount her, and when the head of his cock goes in her pussy, then slowly goes all the way in. That's the defining moment for me.

    1. I agree Don, that moment is the best and 'defining' moment. You said it perfectly.

  2. I too, enjoy seeing the head of his cock disappear into her swollen pussy lips.

  3. Great clip because it shows the bull lover climaxing and that the wife loves it so much to grasp his arm/hand to hold him inside of her as he cums. Good husband does what he should and supports quietly from the side.