Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cuckolding wife, bi husband

It is surprising how many wives want to see sexual contact between their lovers and the husband. Whether this desire or fascination develops as she gets further into cuckolding or if it was always an unspoken interest, more and more cuckolding couples are talking about this aspect of the lifestyle and including it to some degree in their adventures.


  1. I know it turns me on and is something I've been "pushing and training" my cuckold husband to do. Not totally there yet, but something to look forward least for me. :)

    1. Just watched this clip as well. It is the best of the cuckold world if you have a husband that is bisexual and can enjoy sex with another male. This clip is 5 stars, as the husband sucks on the bulls cock to get it hard, then guides it into his wife's awaiting vagina with his own hands so she can enjoy maximum pleasure.

  2. It really depends on their lifestyle and the way that both are gone togeghter.

    And if he's ok with it & it could be more as a turn on for all of them.