Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cuckolding drama in two parts

Wife with the plumber? Yes, please. I even appreciate the role-play indignation at the end! That is, if it is role-play! :)

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  1. I personally would find it hard to have a casual sex encounter and the randy goings on of plumbers, window cleaners and others, well, they seem less probable to me. But a black student boarder who lived at our place did own me for almost a year (I really wish he hadn't flunked his exams and left!). He asked me to wear a leather mini skirt I had tucked away from days gone by and fucked me the same afternoon on our marriage bed. Once he was fucking me I didn't want my husband's dick and bless him he coped for a year on pussy licking. We never discussed it as cuckolding, a conscious choice. It was just sex appeal and lust, but I miss it still.