Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cuckolding on vacation

Is there any sex hotter sex than vacation sex and is there any better time to take up cuckolding than when vacationing? Is that how you got started?


  1. Went on holiday to the Bahamas last year and remember that next door in the hotel, one of the black pool attendants was banging the wife. She insisted that her husband accept it all and pretty soon Lazarus (I think that was what he was called) was telling him what to do. 'Lick her cunt man, fucking well lick it!.' Made us think a bit I can tell you, it was disgusting, but horny. Michael

  2. We use vacation cuckolding to good purpose. My wife is sleeping with my boss Ben and he has complete control over her. She would fuck anywhere and any time with him. But he is a decent guy and recognises that this could cause aggro for he and i at work, so we take lots of short vacations down at his place on the coast. I love this lifestyle, even if being cook, bottle washer and butler down there is demeaning. Tell the others, it ain't all angst. Drew

  3. Gina my wife, Mark her lover and i are going on holiday together next month. It was Mark's idea. He sees it as a way of progressing the relationship. For three weeks my cock gets locked up and beside the pool, out on the town, in the bedroom I watch my wife in his arms. We're at a stage where it has been difficult for me to see my tongue as my sex organ and my cock as something just to piss through. Gina has occasionally allowed me nooky and Mark is determined to change the mind set here. I've not read about many couples having difficulty with this transition. But if I'm honest, much as I love tonguing Gina for Mark, giving up a good fuck once in a while is much harder. Paul