Friday, July 11, 2014

Cuckold's wife making a sex tape for husband

A quiet evening at her boyfriend’s apartment making a tape for her husband and his friends. Wouldn't you like to receive one?


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  2. me gusta mucho la chica de este video,ojala fuera mi novia y me enviara esta grabacion para que me hiciera una buena paja mirandola

  3. There is a balance to be struck here isn't there, making video sequences to feed your cuck, arousing him by what you do, and fucking in privacy, insisting on your right to exclude the also ran man. I think that you do both, but you keep your husband guessing about what will be shared. He should never assume anything and that may mean sulks if his chief motivation for being cuckolded is voyeuristic. He then really does have to sit, wait,imagine, and beg for titbits. Sherry