Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rules for cuckolding wives?

Q: Are their rules that govern the life of a Hotwife?

Caroline: None that I have seen. ;)


  1. I have to say I love this video - so much better than the usual porn. I love the anonymity of the sex. And its disjointed nature, and the background voiceovers make it very erotic. Who did this great piece of art - it would be great to see more of this persons work.

  2. I loved it too! It felt almost wild life documentary, as though instinct itself was being explained. We are only playing with the idea of cuckold sex, but if we proceed though, I would certainly have a rule. My husband would have to meet and thank my boyfriend once I was sure that I had found the right one!

  3. I'd suggest a little caution. My wife Wendy has a real thing about black guys and casual sex. She is blonde, with a nice ass that attracts black cock attention. We went to a club in south London and she wore a little leather dress. Pretty soon she was invited to play pool with three black guys. It was made bloody plain that i was meant to stay put on my chair! One of them touched her bottom and she kissed him. it gave me a huge erection. We retired through to another pool room, darker than the last and my wife was bent over the table. One black dude pinned me to the door as if to say, relax man, this is going down! They fucked her in turn..bareback. Afterwards I was wrecked with worry that she might get a dose of something nasty. It was a STUPID thing to do. But on top of that what if Wendy didn't really know what she craved and cried rape. She was going to take the cock and I wouldn't be able to stop them. So think on, there are some rules and they're there for safety. Peter.