Friday, July 4, 2014

Cuckolding bisexually

It is well known that most men fantasize about having sex with two women at the same time. what may be less well known is that women fantasize about being with two men. Taking it further, is is not unheard of for a women to fantasize about seeing her husband sucking another man's cock. This wish sometimes manifests itself in cuckolding and a man who would never think of engaging in gay or bisexual activity will do so to satisfy his wife's desires. Wouldn't you?

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  1. A few very close friends know that john and i live the hot wife lifestyle. We are a mature couple in our early fifties with good figures. My lover Liam is in his thirties. My girlfriends really like my lover, his physique yes, but also his gentle humour. Its a bit of a contrast to his vigorous fucking in bed! Curious the girls ask things, and one question that always crops up is 'do you make john suck Liam's cock?' Well I do and initially it was unpleasant for John. But I insisted, he had to get over his hang ups. This wasn't gay, it was simply a tangible submission to the bigger and the younger man. I have always expected the men to reaffirm the hierarchy. It turns my girlfriends on that i exert this sort of control. I think women like the idea a great deal.But when the three of us go out, i dressed quite aggressively in jeans and boots, its easier if John has sucked cock before we leave the house. It reminds him that i am his mistress and Liam is his better. The chat is convivial, but others spot the submissive undertone. John does all that he is told and we have a very happy marriage because of it. Tanya