Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The joys of cuckolding are too intense and primal to adequately describe with words


The joys of cuckolding are too intense and primal to adequately describe with words. Usually, when you try to explain it to someone who is unfamiliar with the concept, they recoil. Weeks later, however, it is not unusual for that person to return to you saying that they couldn't get the idea out of their mind. Some of the most unlikely women are now into the cuckolding lifestyle.


  1. It would be so incredibly erotic to see my wife suck a big black gorgeous cock and then be fucked like that!!!!


  2. I agree Gary! Nina and I talk about this and we have several black guy friends that she flirts with. She dresses available for them and they touch her flirtatiously. 'Ask them to fuck me' she teases, but truth be told I haven't the nerve. It will have to seem an accident, an indiscretion. Nina will twist her watch around her wrist a sign for me to run along home early from the party and then she will fuck with a guy. She wants black cock, to suck as well as take one.

  3. Been looking through these video clips and they are so sexy! Its been a furtive afternoon with the laptop and a glass of red wine. Anna, Jane and I have giggled, wondered, teased, reflected. Wouldn't it be sexy if it was a norm in society that women, married ones too, could fuck with black guys without censure! What if it was fashionable for a husband to encourage that!? Perhaps we need to be more instinctive sometimes, to accept that women DO have a thing about black guys? Sue

  4. We all have fantasies don't we? Mine is that my fiancee Neil asks his friend Sebastian to be my fuck mate and that this is built into the marriage vows. Sebastian has not asked me to open my legs for him yet (but I will as soon as he does). This dishy beautiful black man does look at me in a sexy way. He suggests sexy clothes that I might buy when we are out as a threesome and Neil always follows orders and buys them for me. Its as if Seb is boss man! I need so much to ask Neil things. Do you accept that black guys are superior? Would you stand aside and let Seb do the fucking in our marriage? What about kids, they should be his right? I'm blonde like the girl in the video clip and the idea of Seb taking me in this way is so hot. I want to marry Neil, I really do, but perhaps the fucking rights should be sorted out first? Maria.

  5. Primal urges. How can I put this. They are like the heat of this scene aren't they?
    They need to be reined in. They need to be well, disciplined. Only trouble is, I'm not so inclined to be nice about that. I've been fucking a married piece called Alice for a good few months. She has a sweet ass and a wet week husband. He goes and paints toy soldiers whilst i fuck her, what can I say. I told my bitch I wanted her in the family way. I wanted her belly full of my offspring. You should have seen that bitch fuck then. She loved it. After the third session of this I wondered through to the hobby room and told Napolean (that' what i call him) that my bitch wants us to start a family. Three, may be four kids. He was very nice about it, paintbrush in hand. He looked at Alice and she crept into my arms looking up with those lovely blue eyes or her. So we went through to the en suite and Napoleon binned the pills down the pan. Alice needed a kiss, she needed touching, so i fingered her sex. 'Please..take me to bed.' I loved it man, the moment of it and this clip brings it back over and over! Luther.